samedi 13 novembre 2010

IF: Burning

Une petite toile fait il y a 4-5 ans qui correspondait au sujet de la semaine.
A little shortcut to get your attention again this week, this one was done a few years ago.

Acrylic 8x10

6 commentaires:

Lucy a dit…

That's very pretty and a bit frightening. I like it. Was it painted after a real life fire?

dosankodebbie a dit…

Fire is a frightening thing when presented like this, don't you think? But it's always so beautiful.

Alex a dit…

this is excellent - it really resonated with me. Especially after the bush fires here in Australia last year.
A great illustration

Paradis a dit…

Hi Lucy, thank you for your comment,
this scene is only a figment of my imagination.
I wanted to do a whole serie called Fire and Ice, having forrest fires opposed to icebergs (I still might do it one day).
Have a look at my first post two years ago.

Jack Foster a dit…

Hey Paradis! Wow this is intense! Nice work!!

MissWax and the Hot Chicks a dit…

salut Ben,
c'est très réussi. Toute une amotsphère. C'est très intense !